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iPhone App Development Online Training

iPhone App Development Course Content

Module 1: Introduction of Objective-C, Framework, Xcode

Introduction of Objective-C

• Objecte Oriented Programming Basics

• OOPS Concepts

• Objective-C Classes,Objects

• Compile Directives

• Property accessing

• Message Declaration, Message passing

• Multiple Message passing

• Instance allocation.

• Deallocting intilized objects

• Memory Management

• Error Handling

• Exception handling


• Cocoa Touch Framework

• Foundation Framework

• iPhone Framework

• UIKit Framwork

• Application Life Cycle

• Software Development Kit.


In this module we discuss about Objective -c language,cocoa touch Framework and how to write programs in objective-C in Xcode, message passing, properties. Differance between Xcode versions.

Module 2:Data handling

• NSString Class

• String Appending

• Strings Replacing

• String Comparision

• Finding String Range

• String SubStrings

• NSArray&NSMuatbleArray

• Array creation

• Add Objects to Arrays

• Delete Objects From Arrays

• Insert Objects Into Arrays

• Deallocate Arrays

• NSDictinary&NSMutable Dictinary

• Dictinary creation

• Add Objects to Dictinary with Keys

• Delete Objects From Dictinary

• Update Objects Into Dictinary with Keys

• Deallocate Dictinary

In this module we will discuss about advanced concepts which we will use in real time applications.we will discuss about data structures.How to handle Data using with Data structures

Module 3:Introduction to Controls

• Controls:

• Lables

• Buttons

• TextField

• Switch

• Slider

• ProgressView

• TextView

• ImageView

• SegmentedControl

• ScrollView

• ActivityIndicator

• WebView

• AlertView

• ActionSheet

• PickerView

• DatePicker

• PageControl

• RadioButton

• CheckBox

• Adding Controls to viewController using InterfaceBuilder and Programmatically

• Device Orientation

In this module we discuss about each control and how to use them in projects.Controls are applications basic building blocks.After this module we can develop sample projects.

Module 4: Templates &Controllers

• Templates.

• Window Based Template.

• View Based Template

• Navigation Bar Template

• TabBar Based Template

• Controllers

• ViewControllers

• Connecting Controlls to viewController

• Aceessing ViewController Properties

• ViewController LifeCycle Methods

• UIApplication,UiApplication Delegate

• UIView Class

• Navigation Controllers

• NavigationController Stacks

• Navigation Bar

• NavigatinItem

• UIBarButtonItems

• UiBarButtonItem Styles,Targets and Selectors

• Navigating to another ViewController:

Adding NavigationBar,NavigationController,UIBarButtonItems Using InterfaceBuilder and Programmatically

• Adding Views To Navigation Bar

• TabBar Controllers.

• TabBarController

• TabBar

• TabBarItem

• UITabBarDelegate

• Adding TabBar, TabBarItem, TabBarController Using InterfaceBuilder and Programmatically

• Tableview Controllers

• UITableViewController

• UITableView

• UITableView Delegate and UITableView DataSource

• Adding Tablview, TableViewController Using InterfaceBuilder and Programmatically

• ImagePicker Controllers

In this module we will discuss about controllers. Controllers are very important in iPhone apps.without controllers and controls we cannot design application UI. After these three module we will design complete application UI design,and basic functionality.

Module 5:Advanced Concepts(WebServices)

• How to Aceess data from WebServices

• Json parsing

• XML parsing

• Storing Parsed data into DataStructures

In this module we will discuss about most advanced topics . How to get the data from web services. How to access the data from web services. How to store them in local DataStructres.

Module 6:Advanced Concepts(User Loctaion)

• Getting User Current Location

• Showing user Location

• Annotations

• MapKit

• Google Maps

In this module we will discuss about how to get user current location,shows user location on map view, finding the location using latitude and longitude.

Module 7:Advanced Concepts(MultiMedia API)

• Playing Music

• Controlling music players

• Playing movie

• Playing Movies From Lacal File

• Live Streaming Videos

• Making Touch Events

• Handling Touch Events

• Getting Device Battery Status

• Animations

We will discuss about Audio playing and Video playing,sending mails ,messages,getting device information.single/multi touch events,how to responds touch events,Animations. We also discuss about application preferences.

Module 8:Advanced Concepts.(SQLite)

• Creating DataBase

• Opening DataBase

• Data manipulations

• SQL Statements

• Preparing Statements

• Excecuting Statements

• Saving Data into DataBase

• Closing DataBase

Module 9:Advanced Concepts(CoreData

• CoreData Introduction

• Creating DataModel.entities,attributes,rerlationShips

• NSManagedObjects

• Adding Objects

• Retrieving Objects

• Deleting Objects

• Saving Objects

In this module we will discuss about database. How to store data in database,how to fetch the data from database,modifying data.In iPhone application we will use Sq Lite,Core Date to store the data. In this we will discuss about memory leakages,how to solve memory warnings,memory management.

Module 10:Apps Deployment

• Creating Certificates

• Creating Mobile Provisioning Profiles

• Code Signings

• Info. Plist

• How to Debug applications

• How To handle Warning

• How to Handle Memory Leaks

• How To handle Crashing issues

• How to Handle errors

• Coding Standards

• application Icons

• Apps Submission to App Store.

In this module we will discuss about how to create certificates,provisioning profiles,how to run apps in devices and how to submit apps to apple app store.



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