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www.OPTGHAR.com is an emerging comprehensive technology job portal for OPT students and employers. If you are an employer, looking for OPT students then we can help you in finding best talent for your needs. Our OPT student resume database is rapidly growing and it mostly includes OPT, CPT, some EAD, H1B, GC, and USC resumes. We’ve one of the best resume database service in USA with hundreds of resumes, especially related to OPT resume database.

Best OPT Resumes Database Service in USA

It's very essential for an organization to get talented professionals; this plays a pivotal role in organization’s success. OPTGHAR.com aims to provide professional online services that connect OPT eligible students to employers. This portal is built primarily for international students in US and employers, who are willing to train and hire fresh graduates and may provide H1B visa sponsorship to these students. Our fundamental goal and vision is to provide an easy and secure platform that acts as a bridge between OPT students and employers in USA. We think from the prospective of both OPT students and employers in understanding their needs and priorities. Consequently, we developed an interactive technology job portal to connect the best OPT students to top employers in USA.

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Find Most Relevant Resumes For Your Needs

On OPTGHAR.com website, our “Search Resume” option provides search for relevant profiles based up on employers’ specific requirements. To search resumes on OPTGHAR, now you can use “Search Resumes” tab in the menu bar or sub tabs under Search Resumes or use “IT Resume Search” window in the home page of Optghar.com. Also, employers can search for resumes based upon different search criteria to find relevant profiles. Advanced resume search criteria includes, search by skills, position, work authorization, state, and city. Employers can explore resumes on the basis of search— By Category, By Position, By Skills, By Locations, and By VISA Type. And so, by providing advance search and other search criteria, we make employer’s job easy to find most relevant resumes in no time.