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OPTGHAR.COM - Career Maker is an emerging comprehensive technology job portal in USA, which offers valuable services for Optional Practical Training (OPT) student community. OPTGHAR is a job board and social network for OPT students to get connected with employers, trainers, other OPT student community and technical professionals. Our main goal is to assist OPT students in finding the right job based on their skills.

OPTGHAR helps students eliminate the tediousness of finding work in today’s business world. We have built a most wide-ranging and interactive job portal, which acts as a bridge between students and employers to get connected in a simple and most effective way. Many students find themselves lost after their graduation, on where to start their job search, and what their options are as an OPT student. This is where OPTGHAR steps in; it helps students with their job search and training needs. Our mission is to use our experience and guide students, who have just started their CPT/OPT. We give advice on career selection and also furnish resumes to Employers for placement. Click here to find IT Jobs  

Post Multiple Profiles

On OPTGHAR.com, you can post more than one resume to highlight specific skills that you can use for a specific job. Employers are very particular about what you highlight in your resume; a plain generic resume may not get your foot in door these days. You have to tailor your resume to highlight your strengths that job demands, and more than one resume will give you that edge to really work your best to get the job faster. You can keep track of jobs you applied and resume, which you used for each job. This alone will save you tons of hours on daily basis in your job search. Click here to post your resume. Click here to post your resume.

Online Training Opportunities

OPTGHAR.com also serves as a social network for OPT students, where the students can join and discuss a vast community of other OPT students and keep up to date information on the market for OPT students. On OPTGHAR.com, OPT students can also find independent qualified trainers who can provide customized training to suite your particular needs. OPTGHAR helps students kick start their career by successfully connecting with employers.
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Job seeker Advantages at www.optghar.com

  • Create and post multiple resumes, keep track of them as you apply.
  • Students can search for jobs (Mostly IT), online training, training & placements, internships, view training material and interview questions.
  • Access to trainers and other technical experts, browse jobs posted by employers looking to hire OPT students.
  • Students can also search for employers in various locations by using our advanced search feature.
  • Get regular and valuable updates on the current Job market, Immigration news, Interview Q&A’s.
  • Training demos and as needed counseling sessions.
  • Find H1B sponsor in your relevant field.

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