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OPTGHAR.com is an emerging comprehensive technology job portal for OPT students and employers. If you are an employer and looking for OPT students, then we can help you in finding best talent for your needs. Our OPT students resume database is rapidly growing and it refreshes daily with the new resumes. As an employer you can find best talent from our resume database, it includes mostly OPT, CPT, and some EAD, H1B, GC, and USC resumes. We can proudly say that we are one of the best resume database service in USA with hundreds of resumes and counting especially in OPT resume database.

Get Connected with International Students

OPTGHAR.com aims to provide professional online services that connect OPT students to employers. This portal is built primarily for international students in US and employers who are willing to train and hire fresh graduates and may provide H1B visa sponsorship to these students. Our fundamental goal and vision for this job website is to provide an easy & secure platform that acts as a bridge between OPT students and employers in USA. Employers don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on advertisements and job postings on other sites to get OPT students. Employers can post jobs, internships, search for students, resumes, training adverts, advertisements and collect responses* and resumes*. Employers and students can communicate in a secure, simplest and easier way regarding various training and job opportunities. We help IT companies find talented candidates from our OPT resume database. OPTGHAR.com also serves as a social network for
OPT students and employers. We invite employers to be part of our family and post jobs requirements, training, search resumes and find best talent for your needs.

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  • Post unlimited jobs.
  • Collect responses for your jobs.
  • Post training opportunities.
  • Post training & placements.
  • Find job seekers, students, resumes and more.
  • Post H1B/GC adverts.
  • Get connect with students and send messages
  • Participate in forums and blogs

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