US Immigration and Why Students Are Getting Deported From US
Posted on : 02/11/2016

Getting deported is one of the scariest experiences which no one would like to invite in his/her life. Recently newspapers are abuzz with incidents related to US immigration and how students are getting deported so unceremoniously from there. Here we take a look at the immigration law and explore the causes that has resulted in student deportation on a mass scale.


The US immigration law aims at monitoring deportation of immigrants staying illegally in the United States. Since 2009 the country has deported over 2 million people back to their home countries. With news of students being deported from US doing rounds lately, the future of many bright students not only Indian but from all over the world has become uncertain.


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Best Source for Searching OPT Resumes
Posted on : 04/27/2015

Are you an employer looking for OPT aspirants within the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Then you definitely can have updated OPT resume database from a reputable source. Nowadays, numerous companies are willing to offer temporary OPT employment for OPT aspirants. Employers require a source for acquiring information from OPT aspirants.

Many international students, who come to the US for studying desire to take advantage of OPT employment opportunities in U.S. Employers can find suitable resumes of OPT aspirants on OPT/ CPT resume database.  This way, employers can communicate with the OPT job aspirants and provide them the required insight on the opportunities with them.  OPTGhar’s resume database has many updated resumes on a daily basis from OPT aspirants; it is the best reliable online source for employers as well as employees.

Through  employers can find the suitable OPT candidates and moreover, communicating with Optional Practical Training aspirants is lot easier through OPTGhar’s message board. Most employers consider OPTGhar as their top choice for hiring their prospective employees as they can choose the desired candidates from a large pool of resume database it is for this reason that OPTGhar has become a top job seeking destination for most of the OPT job aspirants in the US. International students, who want to get started on their OPT jobs can post multiple resumes to display their varied skills to their prospective employers.

 Plus, employers can easily communicate with OPT/CPT candidates via the message board.  OPT/CPT candidates can start their job search, just by registering on Once they complete their profile and upload their updated

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Job Interview Preparation Techniques - How to Prepare For Interview Tips
Posted on : 09/09/2014

Job Interview Preparation Tips From

Welcome to blog. In this blog post OPTGHAR providing essential advice on getting ready for a job interview, sharpening your interview techniques, skills and calming your interview nerves. Read this complete blog post to enhance your job interview preparation skills to get succeed in interviews. 

Interview Preparation Tips Techniques

Interview Tips - How to prepare for an job interview

Q) What do I need to do before an interview? 
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United States Planning To Implement Certain Amendments For H4 Visas
Posted on : 09/08/2014

US Govt To Revise Immigration Norms For H4 Visas

US To Revise Immigration Norms For H4 Visas

The United States is planning to implement certain amendments for H4 visas as part of immigration laws laid over this year. With the intention to lure and uphold skilled workers, the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has proposed work authorization extension to spouses of highly skilled immigrants. 

Currently, the H4 dependent spouses are not permitted to work in the US. However, as per the proposed reforms, they will be allowed to gain access over employment authorization provided the H-1B worker has started the process for a legal US permanent residency through their employment firm.

It has to be mentioned here that the DHS will begin authorizing Employment Authorization Cards (EAD) after executing these reforms. It is expected that this reform will advantage around 100,000 H4 visa holders in this year. 

Under the proposed reforms, immigrants will be able to stay in the country during their waiting period and their spouses on H4 visas will be pe
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Great ways to make the first month count in new job
Posted on : 08/14/2014

Welcome to - Career Maker. This article will helps you how to make the most of your first month on the job.

Making the most of your first month on the job

The first month at a new job is all about settling in and making a good impression. There are certain things new hires can do to start off on the right foot, and behaviors they should probably avoid if they want to stick around long-term. Here is the ultimate guide of do’s and don’ts for the newly hired.

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