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Immigration crystal ball

Posted on: 01/20/2022
      Immigration crystal ball

2022 has finally arrived, and this year, the year of the water tiger, many prophesy a good year. But will these predictions of  fortune extend to immigrants? I am struggling to investigate the crystal ball of January 1, 2022 and this is what I predict: 
 1: There will be more deportations this year as the Joe Biden administration struggles to crush the Republicans. Talk about them "open borders". The new Mexican return policy, backed by the courts  late last year and reimplemented by the administration, is clearly the beginning of this movement. With immigrants from Central America, Africa and Haiti still trying to cross the Rio Grande across the US border without fear of the jungles of South America, the US has no choice but to stop it as much as possible. It is possible because of fear. additional flooding. I also expect more use of covert 'fast track' air deportations, for example by ICE Air flights to Haiti, Guatemala City and  southern Mexico, which started in August 2021. We also expect Section 42 to remain in effect. Especially given the surge in US COVID-19 cases. 
 2: The United States will continue to deny temporary entry to Afghans seeking entry on  humanitarian grounds. US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has already received more than 35,000  humanitarian parole applications from Afghanistan, while  the program has received fewer than 2,000 requests from all nationalities in the past. So I see the administration quickly closing its doors despite the plight of Afghanistan. 
 3: When it comes to immigration reform, you can see that the US Congress is still trying to convey something to the House of Representatives this election season. The 2022 US House of Representatives elections are on November 8, and  Republicans will not want to give the administration a victory on this matter, despite Joe Manchin continuing to put the Senate process on hold. I don't think this will change anytime soon, so don't expect a breakthrough in  that respect, even for the love of DREAMERS. 
 4: There may be some progress in the H1B visa program for professionals. So far, USCIS is likely to make administrative changes to the H1B visa program, including amending the definition of the H1B employer-employee relationship and setting up new  employer visit rules. The administration's latest regulatory initiatives also indicate that it will continue to reform the H1B visa program for professional workers, including increasing wages for these workers. 
 5: People wanting to come to the United States and immigrants applying to  USCIS can expect to pay more for their visas this year. The State Department  is expected to increase visa application  fees at consulates, and USCIS plans to increase  petition and application filing fees in March. The increase will help fully cover litigation costs  as the agency is losing $3 million per business day. happy New Year? It's not for immigrants.
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