Job Requirement Detail
Company : Optghar
Req/job Title : Hadoop Developer
Job Ref No : 5907
Post Date : 02/19/2019
Country : USA
Job State/Province : New Jersey
Job City : Jersey city
PrimarySkill : DEVELOPER Jobs
Experience : 0 - 5
OtherSkill :
Subject : Looking for Hadoop Developer
Description :
  • Ability to utilize Hive, Spark, Cassandra, Mesos and Kafka.
  • Good understanding of file formats including JSON, Parquet, Avro, and others.
  • Good knowledge on Spark concepts and Implementation.
  • Extensive hands on Data frame and Dataset operations of Spark.
  • Basic Understanding of Bigdata Technologies and Hadoop.
  • Good knowledge on Hive and HiveQL.
  • Knowledge on Cassandra Architecture and CQL is desirable.
  • Build reusable code, with the ability to scale with very large data volumes.
  • Knowledge on Java Programming is desirable.
  • Data Migration/ETL knowledge is desirable.